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Grandma’s Christmas Cookies

The one and only Christmas cookie.

The downside of these, is that you will want to eat around 10.

My grandma made this every Christmas,

and I am yet to find a better Christmas cookie.

Simple and perfect.


Bake chocolate chip cookies as normal.  I used Pillsbury, because I still have the bucket of it… but any cookie dough works.

Then when they cool, ice them with vanilla icing.  Pillsbury happens to be my favorite for icing.

Sprinkle with crystal sprinkles, red, green or both.

Now here is the key to these:

Put them in the freezer. 

Once cold, they are perfect.

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Triple Layer Cake

Since my roommate has been such a great taste tester, I had to make something good for her birthday!

I got the idea from the amazing looking “pudgy cake” made by Cookies & Cups, which is also found on my More Cookie Dough Desserts page.

Again I had to resist using raw cookie dough in the middle layer, like the original “pudgy cake” because I used Pillsbury Ready to Bake.  I decided a cookie pie would work.

Layer 1

I started with Duncan Hines milk chocolate chunk brownie mix.  Baked as directed, and let cool.

When completely cool, I spread on the Pillsbury dark chocolate icing I had left over from the cookie dough balls to make the layers stick.

Layer 2

I had Pillsbury Ready to Bake in the fridge, which comes in squares, so I had to press them and spread them across the baking pan to make a cookie pie.

To make is as cookie dough-y as possible, I made sure to not over cook the cookie dough.  Baked at 350 for about 8 minutes.

Again when completely cool, I added a very thin layer of icing to make it stick.

Layer 3

I used Duncan Hines Confetti cake mix.  Bake as directed.  Put on top of the other 2 layers, and let cool.

I covered the cake with the rest of the dark chocolate icing.

I think Vanilla icing would have been better over the whole cake, but who can complain about dark chocolate.

*I understand this is not the cleanest looking cake, but I told you I wasn’t really a baker.

Came out pretty damn delicious.  It’s more than halfway gone in a day, living here with four girls.

Happy Birthday!

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Dark Chocolate Icing Cookie Dough Balls

So I made this up as I went, and was really happy when they came out amazing.

I started out wanting to make chocolate cookie dough balls, wrapping raw cookie dough in dipping chocolate. But even as I was eating blocks of raw Toll House cookie dough, like always, I realized I couldn’t use store bought raw cookie dough because of the raw egg.  (Never stopped me from eating it but, your welcome guys)

So I had to come up with a way to bake the dough first…

After a few trials, I figured it out.

I baked the Toll House cookie dough as normal, and crushed the cookies up in a bowl when I took them out of the oven.  (Be careful not to over cook these, you want them soft.)

Then I mixed in Pillsbury dark chocolate icing-which you can basically mix into anything to make it better…

I used just enough icing to make the cookie crumbles stick together and roll into small balls.

Then stuck them in the freezer, and used the Baker’s Dipping Chocolate I had left over from my original idea to drizzel over the tops.  Then just put them in the fridge until the chocolate hardened

They somehow came out ridiculously good.  My roommates loved these, and made the great suggestion of eating them with vanilla ice cream.

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Big Deluxe

Somehow when I leave cookie dough in my fridge at home, it slowly disappears.

My sister has no idea how.

This Sunday I went home and found this in my fridge, alongside two packages of Pillsbury shape sugar cookies.

pillsbury cookie dough

This could last a long time, even for me.

Lets just hope it lasts at home so I can use it…

sister eating cookie dough

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Dark Chocolate Covered Pomegranate Cookies

I blame my sister for getting me addicted to these things.

pomegranate seeds in chocolate

Trader Joes has them, ofcourse. Trader Joes has everything good.

chocolate covered pomegranate

As suggested, I tried them out in chocolate chip cookie dough. (Duh)

chocolate chip dough with chocolate covered pomegranate

I seriously didn’t think they could come out this good.

chocolate chip cookie dough

I just used Pillsbury cookie dough, and the Trader Joes brand chocolate covered pomegranate seeds.

chocolate chip cookie dough with pomegranate

Mixed the seeds into the cookie dough and baked for about 15 minutes at 350.

baking sheet with pomegranate chocolate chip cookies

cookie dough with chocolate covered pomegranate

They came out ridiculously good.

pomegranate cookies

Trust me on this one, try them.

dark chocolate covered pomegranate cookies

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Wine, Pretzel Chocolate Chip Cookies, and Wine

My boyfriend’s family makes homemade wine, a lot of amazing homemade wine.

red wine grapes

This passed weekend we had the annual Wine Day party.

They start the wine making process and crush the grapes for next year. The rest of us watch, eating tons of food and drink great wines from the passed years.

grape crates

crates with red wine grapes

pressing grapes

This year they started with 2.5 tons of grapes (I did say a lot), so you can just imagine just how much amazing food and wine had to be enjoyed through that process. Really rough day.

wine bottle So what do you bring to this party?!

Cookies definitely.  Easy to eat without having to put down your wine glass, which no one wants to do.

Since Pretzel M&Ms worked so well, I decided to try out

Pretzel rods wrapped in chocolate chip cookie dough.

chocolate chip cookie dough pretzel

Another cookie that could not be easier to make…

I just used a bag of UTZ pretzel stix, because I thought they were the right length.

bag of utz pretzels

And then I used Tollhouse cookie dough on some and Pillsbury cookie dough on others to see which came out better.

chocolate chip cookie dough pretzel

I just wrapped each pretzel stick in cookie dough, as thin as I could get it.

chocolate chip cookie dough pretzel before baking

And then bake at 350 for 10-15 minutes.

cookies in oven

(I noticed that Toll House took longer to bake, and spread away from the pretzel more.  They are easy to fix back into shape with a spatula, still I would recommend using Pillsbury for this cookie.)

spatula and cookie

Pretzel chocolate chip cookie stix.

pretzel sticks in chocolate chip cookies

I feel like these need some sort of dipping sauce,

like peanut butter and Nutella…something.

chocolate chip cookies with pretzels

I’ll work on that…

Any Suggestions?

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…Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies

The Original : The Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip cookie

oreo chocolate chip cookie

This cookie has become popular for obvious reasons.  I first found the idea on Picky Palate, a great blog for recipes that are easy to love.  I made my own batch of these cookies the college way, with Nestle Tollhouse chocolate chip cookie dough instead of homemade.  Still, they came out amazing and impressed anyone who tried them.

So I got to thinking, these cookies were simply too good to just stop at Oreos.


Just think of all the cookies we can shove into a chocolate chip cookie!

My first one,

The Nutter Butter Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookie.


You’ll start to notice I also love anything peanut butter.

nutter butter in chocolate chip cookie

 What Youll Need:

package of Nabisco Nutter Butter cookies

package of Pillsbury ready to bake chocolate chip cookie dough.

These came out amazing!  I was worried that the peanut butter filling in the nutter butter would melt out of the cookie, but it melted down perfectly.

So you end up with a big peanut butter chocolate chip cookie with a soft peanut butter bottom!

 Preheat the Oven at 350. 

wrapping cookie

Wrap each cookie entirely with cookie dough.

 Took me 2-3 squares of cookie dough for each cookie.

stuffed cookies on baking sheet

Place on baking sheet an inch 1/2 apart.

Bake for 15 min.


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