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Fluffenutter Chocolate Chip Cookies

I was searching through my kitchen at home this weekend to find some ideas to use the rest of the monster size cookie dough my family got me.

I found some Fluff in my pantry, from my sister who still is always making Fluffenutter sandwiches.  If you don’t know what that is your childhood was deprived- and it’s a sandwich with peanut butter and marshmallow crème (Fluff).

I took the Pillsbury big deluxe chocolate chip cookie dough, Fluff and some creamy Skippy peanut butter.

Why we had creamy peanut butter and not crunchy was not in my control, I’m all about crunchy…but in this case it was good.

I basically made little chocolate chip cookie dough fluffenutter sandwiches.  I took a little cookie dough (about nickel size) spread on some Fluff, took another with peanut butter and put them together on the cookie sheet.  I also made them a little big, so the peanut butter and fluff don’t melt out of the cookie.

Bake them for about 15 minutes at 350.

And you have the best school lunch chocolate chip cookie you ever had.

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