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Wine, Pretzel Chocolate Chip Cookies, and Wine

My boyfriend’s family makes homemade wine, a lot of amazing homemade wine.

red wine grapes

This passed weekend we had the annual Wine Day party.

They start the wine making process and crush the grapes for next year. The rest of us watch, eating tons of food and drink great wines from the passed years.

grape crates

crates with red wine grapes

pressing grapes

This year they started with 2.5 tons of grapes (I did say a lot), so you can just imagine just how much amazing food and wine had to be enjoyed through that process. Really rough day.

wine bottle So what do you bring to this party?!

Cookies definitely.  Easy to eat without having to put down your wine glass, which no one wants to do.

Since Pretzel M&Ms worked so well, I decided to try out

Pretzel rods wrapped in chocolate chip cookie dough.

chocolate chip cookie dough pretzel

Another cookie that could not be easier to make…

I just used a bag of UTZ pretzel stix, because I thought they were the right length.

bag of utz pretzels

And then I used Tollhouse cookie dough on some and Pillsbury cookie dough on others to see which came out better.

chocolate chip cookie dough pretzel

I just wrapped each pretzel stick in cookie dough, as thin as I could get it.

chocolate chip cookie dough pretzel before baking

And then bake at 350 for 10-15 minutes.

cookies in oven

(I noticed that Toll House took longer to bake, and spread away from the pretzel more.  They are easy to fix back into shape with a spatula, still I would recommend using Pillsbury for this cookie.)

spatula and cookie

Pretzel chocolate chip cookie stix.

pretzel sticks in chocolate chip cookies

I feel like these need some sort of dipping sauce,

like peanut butter and Nutella…something.

chocolate chip cookies with pretzels

I’ll work on that…

Any Suggestions?

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