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Triple Layer Cake

Since my roommate has been such a great taste tester, I had to make something good for her birthday!

I got the idea from the amazing looking “pudgy cake” made by Cookies & Cups, which is also found on my More Cookie Dough Desserts page.

Again I had to resist using raw cookie dough in the middle layer, like the original “pudgy cake” because I used Pillsbury Ready to Bake.  I decided a cookie pie would work.

Layer 1

I started with Duncan Hines milk chocolate chunk brownie mix.  Baked as directed, and let cool.

When completely cool, I spread on the Pillsbury dark chocolate icing I had left over from the cookie dough balls to make the layers stick.

Layer 2

I had Pillsbury Ready to Bake in the fridge, which comes in squares, so I had to press them and spread them across the baking pan to make a cookie pie.

To make is as cookie dough-y as possible, I made sure to not over cook the cookie dough.  Baked at 350 for about 8 minutes.

Again when completely cool, I added a very thin layer of icing to make it stick.

Layer 3

I used Duncan Hines Confetti cake mix.  Bake as directed.  Put on top of the other 2 layers, and let cool.

I covered the cake with the rest of the dark chocolate icing.

I think Vanilla icing would have been better over the whole cake, but who can complain about dark chocolate.

*I understand this is not the cleanest looking cake, but I told you I wasn’t really a baker.

Came out pretty damn delicious.  It’s more than halfway gone in a day, living here with four girls.

Happy Birthday!

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