Some links to the brands’ sites for even more creative recipe ideas.  Check them out!

Cookie Dough Brands chocolate chip cookie dough

Pillsbury Ready-to-Bake: The block squares make the dough easy to work with, however the taste is not my favorite.  For the cookies to come out good you should make sure you undercook them a little, this dough gets too crispy fast.

Pillsbury Refrigerated Cookie Dough: Always a good choice, easy to make different things with.  Check out their website for more interesting dessert ideas that are easy.

Pillsbury Sugar Shape: Best sugar cookie known to man.  Any holiday, they are always a favorite.

Toll House Cookie Dough 36 oz. tub: So far my favorite tasting store bought dough.  Cookies come out thin but still soft on the inside.



Duncan Hines brownie mix

Duncan Hines Confetti cake mix

Bakers Dipping Chocolate

Pillsbury Creamy Supreme Icing

Bachman Pretzels

Utz Pretzel Stix

Nabisco Nutterbutter

Pretzel M&M


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